About Us
The focus of Positively Authentic is to provide a safe and confidential  gathering for individuals living with HIV/AIDS to receive love and support; we also want to provide a safe place for individuals with other chronic illnesses. We meet as a peer-led healing and empowerment support group for not only those infected with HIV however those affected in the community. The focus of Positively Authentic is to identify biblically-based tools for abundant living, assist in eradicating the stigmas and the misunderstanding of HIV/AIDS in religious communities, understanding the determinants of HIV/AIDS risk among individuals in  religious communities and provide effective strategies for abundant living. Our ministry  provides support through networking, group meetings, workshops, linkages to community health centers and advocacy.  
Mailing Location:
Church of the Messiah
Attn: Dr. Tiye Amos-Mandela, HIV/AIDS Ministry
88 Lafayette
Nashville, TN 37210


** All meetings will be held at Church of the Messiah, 88 Lafayette, Nashville, TN,37210

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